there is no distinction between work and living

” The great primary contrast between the artist and the ordinary worker is this: the worker works to make money, so that he may enjoy those things in life which are not his work and which his work can purchase for him; but the artist makes money by his work in order that he may go on working. The artist does not say: ‘I must work in order to live’; but ‘I must contrive to make money so that I may live to work.’ For the artist there is no distinction between work and living. His work is his life, and the whole of his life – not merely the material world about him, or the colors and sounds and events that he perceives, but also all his own personality and emotion, the whole of his Life – is the actual material of his work.”

Dorothy Sayers, “Vocation in Work”

“Artist” doesn’t only apply to painters or sculptors. Many people see their life’s work – in business or law, ministry or social work – as creative artistry. What do you think? In your life, is there distinction between work and living? Which parts of your Life are you making into the material of your work?


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