This article from a January issue of the Washington Post describes the lives of a group of young Christians living in intentional community and service. If you’re serving with BVS, parts of that kind of life will probably resonate with you:

Laura’s quest to serve God has meant, in essence, turning her back on the material comforts and professional aspirations of her suburban upbringing. And there are others just like her at Simple House and a growing number of Christian “intentional communities” across the country, where residents share a living space as well as a common spiritual purpose. For the devout Catholics and evangelical Protestants in their 20s and early 30s attracted to these communities, it is not enough to attend church, pray before every meal and spend hours at Bible study. It is not enough to ask, “What would Jesus do?” The preferred question is: “How did Jesus live?”

BVS expects volunteers to live simply, so giving up some things is unavoidable. Has your quest to serve God and others led you, like Laura, to turn your back on something? What is it? Is it worth it?


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