in the blink of an eye

What was the last moment that caught you off-guard and made you realize that you were IN the moment? Why are some moments more memorable or recognizable than others? Which moment in the video hit you the hardest?


One response to “in the blink of an eye

  1. Looking back at the moments that have been more memorable I would say that it makes a difference whether or not I realize that it’s happening when it’s happening. To be in one of those moments and have the “Whoa.” register let’s me acknowledge and remember more about the moment than if I were to look back and draw it from memory, even if it happened just a few seconds ago. While my memory isn’t nearly as good as many others’, the moments that I vividly remember fall into this category.

    The last time this happened wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy. I was out running in Cincinnati after only a few days of living here and I got turned around on my way back home. Somehow I ended up on the Columbia Parkway, running on a sidewalk that was more of a shouler that was 2-3 feet wide. On one side of me was 4-6 lanes of two-way traffic; the other side of the sidewalk was a retaining wall. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the moment (aside from knowing that I wouldn’t be running on Columbia Parkway again anytime soon). What made it a moment for me was knowing that it would be one of those ridiculous stories that I would be able to tell years from now about how I got lost my first weekend living in a city. I can still see crystal clear snapshots of some twisted metal I jumped over, cars coming around a curve, and brush hanging over the retaining wall. I remember the feel of the wind from the cars flying by me and the tenseness in my left arm as I ran with it as close to the wall as I could without scraping it. It seems like a bit of an odd moment to store away in the memory bank, but it’s there for now.

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