in exactly the way I hope always to live

We have lost our minds in this country, gobbling up about six times our share of the earth’s resources, tying up billions upon billions of dollars in retirement accounts and second homes, in long-term care insurance and alarm systems and extended warranties, convinced that each and every one of us needs enough money and stuff and protection to take care of ourselves, whatever may come. Think what that money could do toward alleviating hunger. Imagine what a different world we would inhabit if we chose faith over fear. If we decided to abandon our greed and share rather than exploit and threaten other global citizens, we might actually have something resembling true national security.

As for Social Security, dire reports are circulating about it careening toward bankruptcy. We’ve witnessed what can happen to the stock market, an entity so far beyond my comprehension that I don’t even have to try to believe in it or feel bad about not possessing an IRA. I will not have the option of retiring in the American way, but I have lived my life in exactly the way I hope always to live it, inspired by good work and surrounded by great friends, earning money when I need to. There’s a degree of liberation that comes from knowing that it’s too late for me to do otherwise.

Joyce Holliday says that she has lived her life “in exactly the way” she has hoped to live it – but that it wasn’t the “American” way. She sometimes worries about her retirement and her future, but persists in living this way. What are your financial worries? Are they keeping you from living the way you hope to live your life?


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