not about the book

Melanie Snyder, a good friend of BVS, recently wrote a book about a former BVSer who found a calling volunteering in the Pennsylvania prison system. Melanie planned a book tour to promote the book, complete with images of a sleek limo pulling up to reading venues and depositing her like royalty. But, she told us at a recent presentation, “a funny thing happened on the way to the limo…”

Instead of the usual book and reading tour, Melanie decided to travel around the country by herself in an old RV. And instead of simply standing up and reading stories from the book, Melanie found herself sharing a different, larger message about the possibilities of restorative justice. When someone at her recent Portland presentation asked what her next book would be about, she responded that she really didn’t know, because this one had so captured her imagination and her energy that all she felt she could do was keep telling these stories and advocating for another way of practicing justice.

When was the last time you did something that led you to something much bigger? What funny things have happened on the way to your limo?


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