the ‘how do you know’ questions are a sign that something’s wrong

And that’s where the anxieties come in. The way my students talk about it. God’s will is out there waiting to be found, like the one person they’re convinced God has picked for them to marry. But how do you know where to look? And how do you know when you’ve found it? (The “how do you know?” questions, with their accompanying anxieties, are a sign that something’s gone wrong.) What happens if you mistake the will of God and don’t marry “the one” that God has chosen for you? (Do you wonder why evangelical Christians have as high a divorce rate as everyone else?) Or what happens if you only get God’s “second best” will for your life? (Do you wonder why “disappointment with God” is so common among evangelicals?) A whole boatload of anxieties is tied up with this notion of “finding God’s will.”
Phillip Cary, in an article in the Christian Century, says that the idea of “finding God’s will” for your life is bunk. How often have you wondered, “but how do I know” this is right? What do you think about the possibility of God’s will – for your life?

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