Moses had the burning bush. Jonah had the uncomfortable belly-o-the-whale experience. Angels came to Mary, and Paul sort of freaked out on the way to Damascus. They all got called, and their call stories got preserved for the ages in the biblical canon. But what happened after all that drama? Did Moses ever see another burning bush, sort of scattered across his path like crumbs to  lead the way toward his lifelong vocation? Did Jonah get such a huge reminder every other time he disobeyed and wandered away from what he was supposed to be doing?

Some people have dramatic stories about how they found their calling – life and death experiences, appearances of angels, revelations in a dream. But some people’s stories are full of gradual accumulation and slow realization. Sometimes we get called in incredibly subtle ways. This blog is about paying attention to the subtleties, recognizing what we might otherwise miss, and figuring out how to follow those leadings toward what we are to be. Check back frequently for links and questions, poetry and discussion.

For now, chew on this:

“For in truth we are not called once only, but many times; all through our life Christ is calling us. He called us first in baptism; but afterwards also; whether we obey His voice or not, He graciously calls us still…He calls us on from grace to grace, and from holiness to holiness, while life is given us…”

– John Henry Newman, Parochial and Plain Sermons

This blog is a project of Brethren Volunteer Service, a partner in the Volunteers Exploring Vocation program of the Fund for Theological Education.


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